Ammonite Accu type 14

Manufacturer: Ammonite System
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Universal and safe source of power supply for all Ammonite System lamp heads

Connecting the head and separate battery means you can have a small torch that produces lots of bright light with extensive burn times.

ACCU TYPE 14 contains a lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery pack, completely free of the so-called lazy battery effect and protected against overvoltage.

Durability and reliability

The casing is a combination of aircraft-grade high strength aluminum coated with the hard-anodized seawater-corrosion-resistance finish and high strength and Delrin®, which is a lightweight but very tough and corrosion resistant polymer.

The canister is sealed with two o-rings and equipped with a safety valve.



Due to the modular construction, you have the possibility to configure your umbilical light set regarding your needs.
All umbilical lights, cables, batteries and heating batteries are equipped with the same chinch type connector that we haven't changed for years.
So when one of the parts wears out or you would simply want to upgrade it there are no obstacles to doing so. 
Modularity affects also the convenience of use and safety. For example, you can change the broken cable for a new one on the diving spot without the need for sending it to the service centre.

Small size, low weight

ACCU TYPE 14 is one of the smallest and lightest batteries, comparing its capacity, available on the market.

Easy to attach

In a standard version, the ACCU batteries are fitted with a webbing fixed loop fastening to the hip belt.

The batteries can be equipped with alternative fastening systems Sidemount Buckle or ACCU CLIC MOUNT (R).

Safe for transport

The transport of lithium batteries is subject to international regulation which can differ if the batteries are transported by air, sea or road.

All our lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries are compliant to UN Transportation Testing (UN/DOT 38.3) for Lithium Cells and Batteries and ensure the safety of your lithium batteries during shipping.


Since we only have one habitable planet, everyone has to play a part in protecting the environment.

At Ammonite System, we are very much interested in preserving the environment, and we’re doing our part. 

When deciding on boxes, bags, or containers, we have chosen to use recyclable cardboard packaging instead of plastic.

Recyclable packaging is a great way to extend the life of previously used materials and positively impact sustainability. 


Each Ammonite System battery pack is equipped with a BMS Battery Management System ensuring its safe operation. The system was used because the pack uses Li-Ion cells – they are very sensitive to overcharging, as well as to a deep level of discharge and to short circuit.

BMS provides additional benefits: extending the life of battery cells and maintaining a minimum safe level of charge.


capacity nominal14 Ah
charge/discharge cycles500-700
charger input voltage100-240 V
charging time~4,5 h
over pressure valveYES
rechargeable batteryLi-Ion
total energy125 Wh
voltage10,95 V
max. length200 mm
max. diameter66mm
weight1100 g
weight in water750 g
max. operation depth150 m
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