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Bigblue VTL4200P / VTL4200PB

This is the most popular light in the Video Technical series of Bigblue lights. Our customers love the VTL series for its flexibility—in the same dive you can shoot video with the wide beam and get a great penetrating narrow beam. One light, two beams. Now includes a USB charger that is capable of charging an 18650, 26650, and a 32650 battery.

Bigblue VTL9000P / VTL9000 MAX

Our customers love the VTL series because of its flexibility in the same dive you can shoot a video with the 9000 lumens wide beam and switch to the 1200 (VTL9000P) / 2900 (VTL9000MAX) lumens great penetrating narrow beam at the touch of a button. One bulb, two beams. VTL9000MAX: Upgraded for 2023! Now the spotlights and narrow beams each have 3 power levels.

Bigblue VTL11000P

NIEUW voor 2023! Onze klanten houden van de VTL serie vanwege de flexibiliteit in dezelfde duik kun je video opnemen met de brede lichtbundel en een geweldige doordringende smalle lichtbundel krijgen. Eén lamp, twee bundels.

Bigblue CB4000P

De CB4000P is een 4000-lumen 120º extra-wide-beam videolamp met een 85-kleurenweergave-index. Inclusief een oplaadbare lithium-ion batterij en oplader, stevige handbevestiging en een 1-inch kogelbevestiging voor eenvoudige montage.

Bigblue CB7200P / CB7200PB

The CB7200P is a 7200-lumen 120º extra-wide-beam video light with an 85-Color Rendering Index. Includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack and charger, sturdy hand mount and a one-inch ball mount for easy mounting.

Bigblue CB11000P / CB1100PBRC / CB11000PBRCP

This new addition to the Bigblue Dive Lights photo/video light family offers many features making it a great choice for the semipro photo/video enthusiast. The CB11000P is a self-contained, compact yet powerful, all-purpose dive light—but it is best suited for video purposes with its extra-wide 120-degree beam and warm white color temperature. Utilizing “Chip on Board” technology, the CB11000P will provide a beautiful even-toned light source to make any underwater creature pop with natural color. This light also features a built-in Red LED function.