Kwark heating vest

Available in XS to XXXL, see size chart. The vest is designed for 12 V power supply and has 1 plug. Vest with 1 zipper on the side.
Manufacturer: Kwark
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The KWARK heating vest is designed for users of drysuits who perform long dives in cold water, as well as for divers who want to improve comfort during shorter dives or in slightly warmer waters using external batteries with power regulation.
The vest based on NAVY fabric, well-proven in warmers, is very warm even without the heating on. Thanks to good insulation against heat loss, as well as excellent reception and transport of moisture to the outside, it will effectively protect the diver's body against heat loss. Even when switched off, the vest maintains high thermal protection parameters.
Heating consists of four independent electrical panels, each with a power of 12.5 W. In the event of a failure of one of the panels, the operation of the other panels will remain uninterrupted. The panels are close to the inner surface so that most of the heat produced warms the diver's torso.
The vest is protected against a short circuit by means of a fuse. The fuse is easy to replace if necessary, accessible by unfastening the internal zipper at the bottom of the front.
Additional protection against the "slow-cooking frog effect" is a thermal switch that cuts off the power supply to the vest when the temperature exceeds 45 degrees Celsius.
The back of the vest is extended, it does not roll up, it protects the back well. The shortened front allows you to easily attach and arrange the P-valve hose.
The panels must be removed for washing. Removing and reinserting the heating panels is very simple. After removing the panels, the vest can be washed in a washing machine using delicate soap-based detergents.
The vest comes with a cover for transport and storage, safe for the durability of the vest.

The vest is designed for 12 V power and has 1 plug (the plug corresponds to the power used by Santi, for example, and is also compatible with the Ammonite System T-valves).

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