Raid Sidemount fundamentals

Manufacturer: RAID
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The sidemount fundamentals course is a modern program designed to support all current sidemount procedures for cave, technical and recreational diving.

Sidemount, initially designed for cave diving, has since become a standard configuration for both recreational and technical diving.

The sidemount course can be combined with other RAID programs to create a "tailor-made" program.
It is also possible to start with this course if you come from another organization. It is expected that at the start of the course you have sufficient control of your current configuration and that you have the necessary knowledge of bouyancy and trim.

The course consists of the following parts:

- Workshop (adjusting materials and going over theory)

- 3 to 4 confined open water sessions

- 3 to 4 open water sessions

- Scenario 4: during this dive we go over some critical skills and it is important that you use all the knowledge gained from the sidemount knowledge to do the correct actions.