Xdeep Ghost Set Standaard (NX Serie Ultralight)

* Harness Size Available in: S - for divers smaller than 175 cm L - for divers 175cm and taller * Available colors: Blue, red, lemon green, white, yellow, orange, camouflage, light gray, dark gray, lavender, pink and sea. * Choice between no pockets, M (2x3kg) and XL (2x6kg) pockets. * Harness adjusted with the tri-glides * No quick fasteners
Manufacturer: XDEEP
Delivery date: 1 - 2 weken
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Perfect for recreational diving with single tank and traveling.

An innovative and lightweight single-cylinder system.


- Extremely lightweight: GHOST is one of the lightest sets on the market. You save on excess baggage costs.

- Perfect trimming underwater: The wing easily keeps you in the perfect horizontal trim.

- Quick-drying after the dive: Quick-drying materials make for a quick lightweight carry home.

- Minimal drag: Streamlined to reduce drag and effort, saving gas and energy during your dive.

- Extremely Comfortable Harness: NX Ultralight Harness offers freedom, comfort and safety. It is also very easy to put on and take off.

The ability to streamline the diver's body and equipment in the water has significant advantages. Low drag reduces the effort required to move through the water. The less effort, the better our gas consumption and the more time we get on our underwater adventure.

The GHOST is designed to be completely streamlined and to remain snug around the diver's body and cylinder. The effort is reduced, the pleasure of the dive is increased.

Technical divers will almost exclusively use wing style BC systems. A wing keeps you level in the water and achieves that great and flat trim position that improves safety, gas consumption and team awareness. Oh, and looks cool!

Do not accept less during your recreational dives. We've been obsessed with the geometry of the GHOST for 2 years to make diving in perfect trim easy and effortless. Your first dive into the GHOST will inspire you.

Recreational diving wing systems have a reputation for pushing your face down on the surface, not the GHOST.

The upper part of the wing is intentionally smaller than other single-cylinder wings to avoid being pushed forward. Maximizing its small size, the GHOST offers significant lift of over 17 liters of buoyancy. The design ensures that just about all BCDs are submerged when standing upright on the surface.

You will be safely and comfortably supported above the water under all circumstances.

Diving puts a smile on our faces for many reasons, but the feeling of freedom and weightlessness are high on the list. The last thing you want is to bump your head on the first stage of the regulator because of the position of the tank valve. If you move the tank down your back, the trim and comfort will be compromised and your smile will be gone.

The GHOST is the only BCD wing system that allows you to adjust the ratio between the cylinder, wing and tank adapter to ensure perfect freedom. The range of motion possible means anyone, from large to small, can dive comfortably.

Enjoy the freedom to look around and enjoy the sights of our underwater world in perfect trim.

A classic and simple design with signature XDEEP accents to take the single tank adapter to a new level.

Cylinder mounting straps can be moved quickly and easily due to the design of the NX series. Preparing for a dive and ensuring a customized and personalized system has never been easier.

Overcoming the donning and doffing challenges that the stock backplate and harness systems present, while maintaining the great fit these systems provide, was a satisfying challenge to overcome.

We simply increased the length between the shoulder strap anchor points by 20%, making the harness easier to put on. Fastening and tightening the waist belt of the harness also pulls the shoulder straps tight towards the body. Close the hip buckle and you're in a perfectly fitting system.

The NX Series harness uses our innovative 3D mesh for padding. This ensures comfort and safety as the padding helps the system mold to your body and prevents the BCD from sliding on your back during the dive. You can feel comfortable in everything from a drysuit to board shorts and a T-shirt.

Critically, there is no compression of the 3D mesh and therefore no change in buoyancy at depth. You can weigh yourself perfectly with confidence.

V-shaped cruciate ligament
The NX series harness is equipped with an all-new V-shaped crotch strap. The V shape is more comfortable, eliminating the often uncomfortable single strap. Spreading the load in and out of the water makes the V-strap a real step forward.
Long scooters become a pleasure and even large capacity twinsets and multiple stages do not become unstable.

Significant benefits in trim and balance can be gained by moving weight pockets on the body, off the hips and keeping them closer to the cylinder. The NX Series harness achieves this goal with carefully calculated pocket placement. You will no longer feel the lead dragging you down into a seahorse position.
Our system is a major step forward in diving weight distribution for the needs of all female divers. It relieves the hips and you feel better supported by the system.

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