Tecline Side 16 Avenger Professional

Manufacturer: Tecline
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TECLINE SIDE 16 AVENGER PROFESSIONAL (Sidemount 16Kg Avenger professional)

The Tecline Side 16 AVENGER Professional has a simple DIR harness with the necessary D-rings and crotch strap. This harness is easy to adjust, both on the attachment points on the back and on the waist, without unnecessary complexity. The AVENGER is a true "plug and play" system. Since the shoulder and waist webbing are separate, they may vary in thickness. Flexibility in this way offers many possibilities to adjust your comfort level. The harness and bladder act as a unit when fitted. This makes it very easy to get in and out of the set. The hip belt is also separately adjustable from the shoulder straps.

Under the bladder of the AVENGER are 4 fixed weight pockets that can carry a total of 12 kg. The position of these weight pockets, slightly more down and out, offers a more streamlined profile. Placing these fixed weight pockets more downwards also gives a much better trim because the weight of the cranes is better compensated that way. If 12 kg is not enough, 2 more trim pockets can be added to the hip belt on the left and right. These bags come in 2 sizes: 2 kg each or 4.5 kg each.

The AVENGER's bladder has also undergone a few changes. The corrugated hose from the inflator on the bladder can be moved from the right or left. The other port then can be used as a dump valve or OPV. An extra dump valve has been added on the lower part of the bladder. The position of this extra dump valve is in the curved, i.e. lowest part of the back and does not hinder going through restrictions etc. The highest part of the bladder is slightly cut out so as not to increase the profile of the divers. The trim pocket in this section has also been removed for the same reason.

The Tecline Side 16 Avenger features:

- Easy to configure and customize
- Made of sturdy Cordura 2000 Denier
- Shoulder straps and waist belt can be adjusted separately
- Easy adjustments - useful for teaching purposes
- Integrated wing and armor
- 16 kg lifting capacity
- Maximum 19 kg weights
- 4 integrated weight pockets (12kg in total)
- Extra weight bags available in 2 sizes (2kg and 4.5kg)
- Rear dump valve in a strategic, protected position
- Low profile bladder to reduce drag and reduce the risk of getting caught in restrictions
- The inflator can be placed left or right
- Detachable beaver tail/beaver d-rings