Xdeep Stealth 2.0 Rec set

* Choice of 2 sets: - Stealth 2.0 Rec set with Weight Pocket - Stealth 2.0 Rec RB set with Redundant bladder and Weight Pocket * Available colors: Black, blue, red, lemon green, white, yellow, camouflage, light gray, dark gray, lavender, pink and sea. * Choice Pocket: - M (4x1.5Kg) - D (8x1.5Kg) - S (2x1.5Kg) - W (4x2.5Kg)
Manufacturer: XDEEP
Delivery date: 1 - 2 weken
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STEALTH 2.0 Rec set

Compact and easy to use

Simpler, smaller and straightforward to use, perfect for recreational diving. 

Configuration options

A carefully chosen range of modular component choices creates a totally customisable system.

Modular weight system

The weight system used in the STEALTH 2.0 is capable of being tailored to any use and any diver.

Good for all Sizes

The neat and tidy wing ensures easy access to the dump valve if you don't have a long reach.

No compromises

Because you deserve the same materials and attention to detail as we give our cave diving systems.

Freedom for Wrecks and Reefs

Being free of a rigid tank or BCD allows great freedom of movement in the water. The STEALTH 2.0’s streamlined recreational wing and harness combination provide the key to enjoying a balanced and relaxed approach to your sport dives.

Extend your fun time

Carrying twin cylinders is the safest and in sidemount, the most balanced and streamlined way of diving. The STEALTH 2.0 ensures that cylinders are kept tight and secure to the body, eliminating movement. The perfect balance provided ensures minimal drag in the water, reducing effort, improving gas consumption and enhancing underwater time and enjoyment.

Easy Access for Buoyancy Control

The STEALTH 2.0 was the first system to have a central dump valve for buoyancy control. Proven in cave and technical diving the advantages are just as important for sports diving. The valve is easy to reach with either hand, and simple to dump excess gas without having to change your position in the water. Having great control over buoyancy means safer and more relaxing dives.

STEALTH 2.0 REC Sidemount for Sports Divers

The flexibility and safety that sidemount diving gives to sport and recreational divers is why it’s grown in popularity. Building on the proven advanced design and materials technology used in the STEALTH 2.0 Tec and Classic family, the STEALTH 2.0 Rec is our expert solution for demanding recreational and sport divers. The STEALTH 2.0 system delivered in an easily useable and friendly form.

Tough and hardwearing

Unlike cave divers you may not be squeezing through small passages, but your system will still get wear on the back from boat dives, shore entries and even just being transported. At risk areas are protected with tough and long lasting materials that preserve the integrity of your equipment.

Back-up buoyancy when diving wet

A fully integrated, fully functional redundant bladder is situated neatly inside the STEALTH 2.0 REC RB system wing. This provides a safe and secure option for those days when you want to dive free of the drysuit and still have back-up buoyancy.


The STEALTH 2.0 harness was a ground-breaking approach that revolutionised sidemount systems. Built on the core technology of the STEALTH 2.0 TEC and Classic systems our REC harness provides sports and recreational divers with the same strong foundation of performance, comfort and safety. The REC wing, designed specifically for sports diving, is fixed to the harness for simplicity of use and security.
The STEALTH 2.0 features harness webbing of differing thickness and stiffness for comfort and for enhanced performance. Security and adjustability is designed into the harness to deliver ease of use and an enjoyable in-water experience. You have full control over your tank position, your balance and trim at all times throughout the dive. Often copied the STEALTH 2.0 harness is unequalled.